Water Activities

Bloomfield House Hotel, Leisure Club and Spa enjoy an idyllic setting on the shores of Lough Ennell outside of Mullingar town in the midlands of Ireland. It is conveniently located just an hour’s drive from Dublin and close to many of the lakes and waterways on the midlands. Here, you will find some of the best fishing, angling and water sports that Ireland has to offer. 

In the area you will find:

  • A range of Watersport Activities
  • Excellent trout fishing
  • Very good Pike Angling
  • Coarse Angling
  • Choice of productive waters
  • Good public access to these waters
  • Good infrastructure
  • Boat hire
  • Fishing Tackle shops

Water Sports

blueway mullingar

The Royal Canal Blueway

Blueways offer a scenic perspective into the heart of Irish landscape, allowing activity-filled exploration of Ireland's inland waterways and hinterlands. The Royal Canal Blueway forms part of a network of Blueways in Ireland, providing innovative, safe and easy to use water and land-based trails. The multi-activity trails along the Blueways provide a scenic perspective into the heart of the Irish landscape. 

Mullingar Activity Zone

Located in Mullingar Harbour, the Activity Zone is the ideal location to begin your Blueway adventure. Hire a bike from Mullingar Bike Hire or make a splash out on the water with Outdoor Sports. The zone also offers toilet, parking, shower and changing facilites to adventure seekers.

Plan your Blueway Adventure here

Paddling Trails

The Royal Canal Bluway offers users 23km of tranquil, peaceful paddling experience. Start from your base at the Activity Zone in Mullingar Harbour and paddle west to Ballinea Slip where tehre are services and facilities on hand for a picnic break before returning or paddle on towards Coolnahay Harbour, a beautiful picturesque site where wild camping is available. This is the perfect day trip. Alternativley travle east to McNead's Bridge where you'll find yourself on the doorstep of Mary Lynch's pub for a bite of food before returning to Mullingar Harbour.
Paddling not your thing? Take a stroll or cycle alongside the canal on a Blueway Walking or Cycling trail or venture along the Old Rail Trail Galway to Dublin Cycleway. Bike Hire & Cycling Tours are also available. 

Other Water experiences

Boat Hire

Lilliput Boat Hire | Address: Lilliput,CountyWestmeath.

Tel: +353 (0)87 6492866

E-mail: info@lilliputboathire.com 

Web: www.lilliputboathire.com 

Doolans Boat Hire | Lough Owel is a well known Trout Lake. It covers an area of 2,500 acres and is situated 3km north of Mullingar on the N4. The open season is from 1st March - 12th October. We have a fleet of Fibre Glass Boats and engines can be provided. We also arrange a Ghillie service.

Address: Doolan's Boat Hire , Lough Owel , Mullingar, County Westmeath 

Tel: +353 (0)44 9342085 

E-mail: michaeldoolan26@hotmail.com

Irish Angling Safaries | Irish Angling Safaris on Lough Derravaragh, offers visiting anglers the complete fishing package. We arrange accommodation in a choice of hotels, guesthouses or Self Catering Cottages. Our boats, which have been specially imported from the US are fully equipped with all the latest angling gadgetry, comfort, safety and technology. Alan is a well known fisherman, writer and broadcaster on pike matters. He'll be on hand to advise you throughout your stay.
Address: Crookedwood, County Westmeath 

Tel: +353 (0)44 9372015 

Lough Derravaragh Boat Hire | Situated on the shores just off the N4, 4 kms outside the village of Multyfarnham. We provide fiberglass lake boats with outboard engines, lifejackets & fuel.

Address: Donore Shore, Multyfarnham, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9371500 

Fax: +353 (0)44 9371394

Mobile: +353 (0)86 8230363

E-mail: Camping@iol.ie

Boat Hire Oliver Daly | Oliver Daly is a boat hire operator for fresh water fishing on Lough Derravaragh. He also operates a Gillie Service.
Address: Multyfarnham, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9371220

Boat Hire Martin Fagan | Martin Fagan is a boat hire operator for fresh water fishing on Lough Derravaragh.
Address: Fulmourth, Multyfarnham, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9371353

Fishing Tackle

O'Malleys Fishing Tackle Specialist, Watchmaker & Jeweller | Mullingar's oldest established tackle shop! For the best local fishing knowledge and appropriate fishing tackle, come to Mullingar's longest established tackle shop.

Address: Dominick Street, Mullingar, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9348300

 E-mail: dpomalley@eircom.net

Other Fishing experiences

Angling White Lake | The White Lake is four miles east of Castlepollard, County Westmeath. It is stocked with both rainbow and brown trout. There is a 10 inch ( 254 mm ) size limit and a bag limit of six trout. This lake is managed by White Lake Anglers' Association.
Address: Castlepollard, County Westmeath 

Tel: +353 (0)44 9348650

Mullingar Sailing Club | A small friendly club situated at Lough Owel just outside Mullingar. The water quality is excellent as the lake forms the reservoir for Mullingar water supply. Facilities include clubhouse, hard standing and launching slipway.
Address: Lough Owel, Mullingar, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9342058

E-mail: milnerk@gofree.indigo.ie 


Lough Ennell

Lough Ennell is located 3 miles south of Mullingar, off the N52 road this lake covers an area of 3200 acre (1,300 hectares). A feature of the lake is its huge area of shallow water. Nearly two-thirds of it is less than 25 feet and almost half is under 10 feet deep. There is a good stock of wild brown trout averaging 2lbs with 3 to 4 lbs frequently been taken. The Irish record for brown trout, which weighted 26lbs. 2ozs, was taken on this lake. The season opens in March at which time the fly-fishing areas are limited. Depending on weather conditions, the best areas at this time areKilcooleyBay and from Burrow Hill to Hump Shallow - both on the west shore. Daytime fly hatches in May and June can give rise to fair trout activity. From late June to the end of July trout feed on perch fry. Late July brings a return of evening fishing. The May fly high season is from May 1st to July 1st. Most parts of the lake fish well especially Carrick Bay, Rinn Point to North wall, Dysart, Keoltown and the area off Hope's Point. From the end of September and early October wet fly fishing is very good with bags of 2-3 fish common. For more on Angling on Lough Ennell, Mullingar click here 

Public piers and jetties are located at Bloomfield House Hotel, Buttlersbridge, WhitesbridgeBay, Ladestown and Lilliput. There is good public access off the Mullingar - Kilbeggan road and off the Mullingar - Castletown Geoghegan road.

Lilliput Boat Hire | Address: Lilliput,CountyWestmeath.

Tel: +353 (0)87 6492866

E-mail: info@lilliputboathire.com 

Web: www.lilliputboathire.com 

Boat Hire Eileen Hope | Eileen Hope is a boat hire operator for fresh water fishing on Lough Ennell.

Address: Lough Ennell, Mullingar,CountyWestmeath.

Tel: +353 (0)44 9340807

Michael Flanagan | Mick is a boat hire operator for fresh water fishing on the midland’s Lakes. He also operates a Gillie Service. 

Tel: (0)44 9348969 or 087 279 7270

Email: mick@midlandangling.com

Lough Owel

Lough Owel, a large trout lake (2500 acres) is situated 2.5 miles (4km) North-West of Mullingar, off the N4. Road access is excellent with a slipway and mooring facilities at Tullaghan. There is also a gradual sloping shore line and mooring facilities also at Mullally's Boat House to the south of the lake. Lough Owel is heavily stocked throughout the season with the average size of trout caught weighing nearly 2lbs. Often trout weighing 7lbs. are caught as well. The lough is spring-fed and is remarkable for the clarity of its water with visibility reaching over 20 feet on a bright day.

In March/April by spinning off the railway embankment and along by the shallows good trout can be taken. Fishing is very good through May and into early June. Trout respond well to the seasonal fly hatches and good fishing can be enjoyed on almost all parts of the lake. There is generally a lull in the trout fishing until the hatch of large sedge known inIrelandas the Green Peter around the second/third week in July. Trout angling is at its best and often the biggest trout of the season are caught at this time. The best time is 7-11.30pm in calm water along by the shore and especially along the reeds or bog banks. It is vital to remember that the best fishing is always after dark on Lough Owel.

Access is provided at several locations. It has a high pH, mainly spring fed limestone lake with an area of approximately 1000 hectares. The water is very clear with visibility up to 7 meters. The lake has a large resident stock of wild brown trout with an average size of 2 lb. The wild fish in the lake are supplemented by a yearly stocking programme. Trout up to 6lbs are taken every year on the fly.

Large hatches of Duck Fly occur from almost mid April to the end of the month. Fish can be taken with Wet Cell 11 lines, Sink Tip and intermediate lines that carry a team of size 12 flies.

After the Duck Fly in early April, the sooty Olive and Sooty Olive Bumble fish best. Around the third week in May big hatches of buzzer occur along the Portloman shore. Fish can be caught on such flies as the OMBI (12), Fiery Brown (10) when the ribbed midges are on the water. Small hatches of May Fly occur at the Cornfield to Brabazon Bay. All patterns of May Fly work, but the Grey Gosling is exceptionally good as a nymph pattern. With a large hatch of natural May Fly a Green Drake is worthwhile.

Lough Owel is famous for its large hatches of sedges towards the end of July to the middle of August – much to the delight of the fry fly enthusiast. There are several different species of sedges ranging from flies to 35mm in length to approximately 15mm all fished wet and fry including Green Peters, Cinnamon Peter, Black Peter and the Murrough. Dapping grasshoppers and daddy long legs in August/September can also yield good results.

Doolans Boat Hire - Address: Doolan's Boat Hire, Lough Owel, Mullingar, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9342085 

E-mail: michaeldoolan26@hotmail.com  

Irish Angling Safaries - Address: Crookedwood,CountyWestmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9372015

Mullingar Sailing Club - Address: Lough Owel, Mullingar,CountyWestmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9342058 

E-mail: milnerk@gofree.indigo.ie 

Web: www.msail.net  

Lough Derravaragh

Located approximately 8 milesnorth westof Mullingar with thevillageofMultyfarnhamon its southern shore and Castlepollard to the north-east. Lough Derravargh is a long narrow lake almost 8km in length, with an area of over 1080 hectares. The northern part of the lake is broad and shallow while the long neck towards Crookedwood is narrow and deep. Although trout stocks are not as plentiful as other lakes in the region, fly fishing can be worthwhile, especially during the mayfly hatch. Sizeable trout can also be taken on the troll during September/October. Lough Derravaragh is an exceptionally good pike lake and holds stocks of large pike to specimen weight. It can be fished from the shore but a boat is recommended. There are also large stocks of coarse fish including roach and bream. Lough Derravaragh is forever associated with the legend of the Children of Lir who are said to have spent 300 years in isolation on its waters.

Lough Derravaragh Boat Hire - Address:DonoreShore, Multyfarnham, County Westmeath.

Tel: +353 (0)44 9371500

Mobile: +353 (0)86 8230363

Fax: +353 (0)44 9371394

E-mail: Camping@iol.ie

Boat Hire Oliver Daly - Address: Multyfarnham, County Westmeath.

Tel: +353 (0)44 9371220 

Boat Hire Martin Fagan - Address: Fulmourth, Multyfarnham, County Westmeath.

Telephone: +353 (0)44 9371353

White Lake

WhiteLakeis in a deep valley approx. 3.5 miles form Castlepollard. Access to the lake is at Sallymount, Fore. This limestone lake is stocked by the local Angling Club and holds both brown and rainbow trout. There are good parking facilities available. Anglers note that strictly no boat engines allowed on the lake - also at weekends boat hire and permits are available on the lake shore from club members.

Angling White Lake

Address: Castlepollard, County Westmeath

Tel: +353 (0)44 9348650 

Lough Glore

Situated 2.5 miles form Castlepollard, this lake covers an area of 86 acres. Excellent stocks of wild brown trout averaging over 2lbs. However trout weighing up to 5 & 7lbs have also been caught on Lough Glore The water is crystal clear and the trout are wild in the extreme and are difficult to catch. Best results are usually early and late in the season with a good Green peter hatch in late July. 

Lough Lene

Lough Lene Lough Lene is located in North Westmeathbetween the villages of Castlepollard and Collinstown. 

This large limestone lake has extensive shallows and gin-clear water. It is noted for its large brown trout of over 2lbs. weight. Public access to Lough Lene is at the area known as "The Cut" on the eastern shore, near thevillage of Collinstown. Lough Lene's feeder streams are small in comparison to the size of the lake and the recruitment of wild brown trout is therefore limited. Early in the season there are very good hatches of Chlionmids, but most fish at this time are taken by anglers who troll artificial lures over the extensive shallows. In late July and August, big trout (to 5lbs or more) are caught during the evening rise to the Green Peter.

Mount Dalton Lake

A small trout lake located near the village of Rathconrath. The lough is a productive fishery and has hatches of Olives, Chironomids and Sedges. Fishing is with flys from a boat onl

Lough Sheelin

Lough Sheelin is part of the River Inny system. Covering an area of 4,000 acres (1,800 hectares) it is over 4 miles long. It is a rich limestone lake producing a large stock of brown trout, up to 8 lbs in weight. Early in the season from 1st March to 1st May wet fly fishing on the lake using all types of fly patterns can be successful. Although Lough Sheelin has good stocks of its own resident trout it also receives supplies of stocked trout by the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board. The May fly season starts in the 2nd week of May and peaks around the last week of May or the first week in June. This is the busiest time on Lough Sheelin with a huge number of anlgers fishing the lake. During July and August fishing is best in late evening using dry fly. From about mid August through September and to the end of the season wet fly patterns are recommended.

Lough Sheever

Holds bream, rudd, roach, perch and pike. Access is over private ground. 

Lough Ree - The largest lake in Westmeath

Teeming with Tench, Rudd, Bream, Hybrid and also with the finest brown trout, Lough Ree however is noted for its large pike. The InnyBayarea and just above Charlie's Islandhold ood stocks of specimen fish. Excellent fishing stands have been built on the western bank at Charlie's Islandand just above the railway bridge in Athlone. The Burgess Park and Meadow Competition stretches are noted for bream as is the area immediately south of Athlone town, including the Three County Pile. The Barrymore shore, south of HodsonBayalso fishes excellent bream and is one of the few areas on Lough Ree where it is possible to fish from the shore. 

The rocky shores and wide reed beds can make bank fishing difficult. Lough Ree is an inland sea and weather conditions can deteriorate quickly. Anglers should therefore be experienced in boat handling and have the necessary safety equipment. A ghillie is advisable for first timers. Slipways are available at Hodson Bay, Jolly Mariner, Coosan and at the Lakeside Hotel at Ballykeeran. 

Best pike areas include the area from Killeenmore right around to Pollagh Point and also the eastern shore ofElfeetBay,GalwayBay and north fromPortrunnyBay to Lanesboro. Pike fishing is allowed all year - best bait are the trolled, traditional copper spoon and the Archer rig with dead bait. Most of the Pike are fished for by trolling the margins of the banks and many islands.

River Inny

The River Inny Flows through Lough Sheelin, Lough Kinale, and Lough Derravaragh. The stretch just up stream from Finea has stocks of roach, especially in Sept-Oct period. The stretch from Finea to Derravaragh has some good roach and hybrid during the early part of the year but it gets very weedy after mid-June. The River Inny down stream from Derravaragh has some excellent roach/hybrid stocks in the deeper pools, again weed is a problem from Mid-June onwards.

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