Ireland's Ancient East

Take a short break in Ireland’s Ancient East and visit places filled with quirky and memorable experiences. Discover a region of legends and stories, from ancient times to modern day – a place brimming with culture, attractions, festivals and fun. Your adventure through Ireland’s Ancient East awaits!

Ireland's Ancient East is a region with plenty of historical twists and turns! From Viking invaders and Norman knights to high kings, monks and fleeing emigrants; visit places that boast of great legends, strange tales and mighty battles. With experiences to entertain and delight the whole family; start your next adventure now.

Ireland’s Ancient East offers visitors a personal experience of 5,000 years of Europe’s history. Set in rich pastoral countryside, visitors will walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, exploring rich histories in the very places that they happened, told by the best storytellers in the world.


On a trip throughIreland’s Ancient East, visitors will discover the stories that connect places and will leave feeling not only refreshed but illuminated by the many ancient wonders and the stories of how they came to this rich land and how Irish life today has been shaped by their powerful influence.

Strike at the heart of 5000 years of incredible history inIreland’s Ancient East. This is a lush green land worshipped by pagans, stalked by Vikings and attacked, besieged and conquered by Anglo Normans. Hear tales of sun gods, saints and strategic marriages that changed the course of history. From craggy castles to country houses, let the stories take centre stage.


Your Nearest Attraction is Belvedere House, Gardens & Park - A wicked Earl, an imprisoned wife and sibling rivalries shaped Belvedere House, its Jealous Wall and 160 acres of park built in 1740 2 Minute Drive from Bloomfield House Hotel.

Plan your journey through Ireland‘s Ancient East to find great experiences within 45 minutes drive from Bloomfield House Hotel - Click here to explore more

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